Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

IMG_4571  Urban Decay Makeup Setting spray does just that…it sets your face for the day. I  have very oily skin so in a couple of hours my makeup will start to shift a little. I was in Sephora and came across this product and didnt buy it right away because it is a little on the pricey side. I was talking to the sales person and she said that they had it in travel size at 14.99 so i snatched it up.

I have to say that I love this product. It helps controls the shine on my nose and keeps my makeup where it should be all day!

The one negative is that it will dry out your skin with continued use.I noticed a little flaking on my nose so I stopped using it and it went away. My routine now it to use for very important occasions or spray every other day. I feel like it still has some effect the next day even after I have washed my face.

So now give me your review…Have you used this product before?